Intern Arthroscopy Course

382 Shoulder PainPDFFull Video382-01                               Anatomy and Rotator Cuff382-02                                                                    Slap382-03                                            Anterior Instability 382-04       Posterior and Multidirectional Instability382-05                                                              Imaging382-06                                         Subscapularis Tears382-07                                 Pectoralis Major Rupture382-08                    Weight-Lifter’s Shoulder AC DJD 382-09                                          Unusual Conditions382-10                                                       Conclusions


575 Arthroscopy Cases ShoulderPDF1 - Introduction 2 - Slap Tear and Instability  3 - Subscapularis Tears4 - RC Tear Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome


Left Shoulder Arthroscopy Playlist